Meet Your Muse Roaster: Drew

"I've lived in 2 foreign countries and 8 different states. I'm in an indie punk band called Anchor the Airship. I plug my nose when I sneeze."

Meet Your Muse Barista: Lindsay

"I'm a wife and momma to the best people in the world! I am from the good old state New Jersey and yes if you look at my highschool year book you might have seen me wearing bronzer and something cheetah print. 🤦"





I like long walks on the beach as long as we can stop by the pier and get some fries... I love people, food, music (not country; never country). I can watch spoken word videos for hours and my favorite band is Switchfoot. I'm from Hickory, North Carolina, but I don't have a southern accent because my mom is a Yankee. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, come visit me at the shop and let's chat it up!



I love how intricate and scientific the process of roasting coffee is. Also, the taste... duh.



Getting to make something for someone that I know they will enjoy. I love getting to serve customers and my coworkers.



It changes weekl but currently an iced Mamadrama with soy and an iced Drew's Brew with honey.



The first time a made a Rosetta.



A water filter, a tent, and a flare gun...